• On 50th Anniversary, University of California Revives its Master Plan

    The University of California is investing $5 to $6 million to launch a pilot program that will make certain courses available online, and eventually hopes to offer fully online degree programs.

    On April 27, 1960, then Governor Pat Brown of California signed the Donahoe Higher Education Act of 1960. The Act stipulated, amongst other provisions, that some form of higher education be made available to all California residents, regardless of economic means. This became an important mandate for all three of California's state college systems, including California State University, the California Community Colleges system and the University of California.

    The University’s announcement is significant in that it represents a major step forward for the largest public school system in the United States. Until recently, private sector colleges and universities have led the charge in making online education available to the masses. However, in light of rising student costs and state budget cuts, the University of California hopes to move its way up the innovation curve as a way to improve the quality of learning while keeping costs down.

    A study cited in US News and World Report indicated that one out of four college students were taking courses online in 2008. Thus, the University of California is adding momentum to a trend that is already well underway. The increased offering of online course and degree programs is a logical, if not necessary, next step as the marriage of technology and higher education expands the possibilities for institutions and prospective learners.

    According to Christopher Edley Jr., dean at Berkeley's law school, "Somebody is going to figure out how to deliver online education for credit and for degrees in the elite sector." The fact that the University of California, one of the nation’s most prominent public university systems, is taking this on certainly adds legitimacy to the cause.

    The University of California’s intention to make its curriculum more accessible isn’t just good news for local students. This groundbreaking announcement has the potential to not only address the domestic tuition cost crisis and deliver a world-class education to American students online, but also to thousands of foreign students who seek to enroll each year.

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