• High Powered Education for C-Level Executives

    For the busy professional, one way to advance your career is by obtaining an executive MBA or certificate. Continuing education can help you keep the edge in the current economic climate, and is an investment that will pay dividends for life. As Stephen Covey urges in his popular business manifesto, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “keep sharpening the saw.”

    With an executive certificate or MBA, you can add tremendous value to your organization and enjoy greater job security. Perhaps you are a manager, seeking to move up the career ladder. Then you know how important it is to make the most of your time and that of your employees. One way of achieving this is through continued learning. Getting the right education may very well provide the fundamentals that translate into on-the-job skills and improve workplace efficiencies.

    One highly regarded executive education program is offered by the University of Notre Dame, which ranked #6 in The Wall Street Journal’s review of the top executive MBA programs in the world. In addition to its MBA curriculum, Notre Dame offers nine executive management certificate programs, three of which can be taken completely online.

    The online certificate programs cover subject areas such as Negotiation, Leadership & Management and Business Administration. Each program comprises three eight-week courses, which build upon one another in a cumulative manner.

    The University of Notre Dame is not the only highly regarded university that offers executive certificate programs. Other institutions such as MIT’s Sloan School of Management offer similarly structured courses, although the MIT program is not currently available online.

    Before selecting a program or university, it is advised that you do your research. BusinessWeek publishes a biennial ranking of the top programs and discloses the names of Fortune 500 employers that actively promote individuals with executive learning credentials from each of the universities.

    Plan your next career move by learning about the type of training your favorite company expects its top employees to receive. You might be taking the first steps to recession proofing your career for years to come.

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